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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

There are four elements to your videoconference booking with 
  1.  Room Hire For the AV Live Arranged room
  2.  Call Charges/Bridging fee If the facility is using ISDN and initiates the call. Or you use our managed service.
  3.  Booking Fee To cover administration costs and testing of sites prior to your conference

Scheduling Fees (per video meeting)

  • 1-3 locations booked Rs 4,000
  • 4-5 locations booked Rs 5,500
  • 6-9 locations booked Rs 15,000

Offic timings

  • Extream Hours Rs4,500 per hour additional 2200 to 0700 PST
  • Off Days Rs5,500 per hour additioanl Public holidays ,
  • WeekendsOff Hours Rs3,000 per hour Addiitonal 1700 to 2200 PST

Booking Conditions – Facility hire

Booking Conditions – Facility hire

  •  Minimum room hire period is 60 minutes. You will be charged for a minimum of time booked and in 15 minute increments if the meeting runs over.
  •  ISDN charges are billed as per bureau’s telecom carrier. Every effort will be made to confirm prices before the conference starts.
  •  AV Live will not be held responsible for any problems caused by a lack of operator knowledge at the private site.
  •  AV Live will not be held responsible for any delays, postponements or cancellations of any video conference due to unforeseen circumstances, including equipment failure.
  •  AV Live will not be held responsible for audio or video faults caused by:a) line faults in Telecom carrier network or exchanges b) interference which may be caused by external environmental factors.
  •  Out of hours bookings are accepted on the understanding that some charges may be incurred even if the meeting is unsuccessful
  •  Complaints or fault reporting must be made within 24hours of the meeting or else full charges will apply
  • Liability as a breach of conditions, including any consequential loss which the customer may sustain is limited to

Payment Terms

    • Payment by Visa, MasterCard, Switch or American Express. Credit card details to be supplied in advance, payment will be collected on completion of the video conference.
    •  Invoice accounts can be set up as agreed with the finance department – terms 30 days max.
    • All monies due are billed and collected in Sterling or USD. Payment to be total cost of invoice – bank charges or currency exchange costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    Extra Equipment
    Our quotes do not include the hire of peripheral equipment such as a laptop, internet access or presentation capabilities. If need any extra equipment please let us know asap as not all facilities can accommodate request and extra charges are usually incurred.

Testing Policy

AV Live strongly urges the necessity for a test call at least 24 hours before each conference. If the conference involves a private site (a non sourced room), the onus is on the private site to contact the hire site to arrange a mutually convenient time. Should a test not take place at least 24 hours before the start time and the conference fails due to technical difficulties or inadequate support at the private site full charges will apply.

AV Live intends to provide services that requires high Tickets equipment and skilled human resource. In order to keep its operations running and serving the need of our customers, AV Live has some offered its conditions. Using service offered by AV Live is considered endorsement. AV Live Communication reserve its right to change terms and conditions without notification.

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  • Notification period Charges
  • Less than 24hrs 100% room rental + booking fee
  • 48-24hrs (business days) 50% room rental + booking fee
  • 48+hours (business days) booking fee only
  • The time scale of the notification period is based on receipt during Pak office hours Mon-Fri (8.00-17.00 PK) and the office hours at the booked facility. Note that due to time differences between the client, AV Live and the booked facility, plus weekends, and public holidays may affect the notice period.
  • Please cancel by telephone and NOT email. Sending an email is not evidence of it being received.

Ammendment Policy

After the confirmation invoice has been issued, the conference details (date and time) may be changed once, in writing, without charge (not within the cancellation period), thereafter Rs6,500 per amendment. Amendments to dates may NOT be made within 48 hours of the VC date as this constitutes a cancellation. If a client significantly reduces the duration within 48 hours of the VC or subsequently cancels, the original duration period will be charged for the cancellation. This also directs benefits of discounts and waved chages ma occur in new invoice.