• True Conference Server  Advantages:
  • 4K video conferencing and scalable SVC architecture
  • 100% on-premises software solution
  • Cross-platform native apps for all major platforms
  • Up to 12 users and 1 SIP/H.323 connection


On-Premises InfrastructureTrueConf Server Free Deployment

IT administrators love TrueConference Server, because it can be installed instantly and deployed in 15 minutes in your company’s network. TrueConference is maintained by your system administrator, and does not depend on Internet connection or low bandwidth. We take care of your existing legacy infrastructure workloads and integration with business processes.



No Limits on Features and Quality

UltraHD video conferencing. Cross-platform client applications. Convenient collaboration tools. Address Book with status and photos. Flexible administration. All of these features for free and forever.

Unrivalled Video and Audio QualitySVC

With scalable video coding (SVC) technology, you can be sure that every participant will get the best video and audio quality according to the capabilities of his device, communication channel, display resolution and selected video window layout.


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