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Package Includes Liceses allows

6 Laptop / Desktop Mobile devices

1 IP devices to Communicatre with 7 Multisite Option UP to 12

( Per month Packge  With online technical Support No hardware Incluedes)

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The New Generation of Conference Rooms

Video Link services is software to equip your conference laptop, desktop Conference rooms with HD video conferencing capabilities. With help of AV Live Video Link services you can choose to work from home or any  distance. Transform any distance office into a collaborative endpoint. From small conference rooms to audotorium, You can adapt video conferencing — With AV Live

Our Solution is user friendly and easy to deploy, use, scale and manage!

Authentication and Security

Admins can set a convenient option for users and guests to get started with Room, including PIN, user password or unprotected login. Secure authorization modes are used to prevent users from making unnecessary network, audio and video setting changes on the conference control panel.

Easy Content Sharing

Connect any smartphone or laptop to your TrueConf Room conference and wirelessly share any content with meeting attendees.

Video Layouts

Right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop you can chose your prefereed video layout to be displayed on the screen in your meetings— . Select one of the existing video layouts, or create a new one by dragging video windows in your own order.


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