Virtual Conference




A Global Virtual Event Solution For Everyone

Create Virtual Value For Your Attendees.

Deliver Year-Round Content & Community.

Elevate Your Next Virtual or Hybrid Event.

Connect attendees from anywhere in the world through virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.

Interactive Education

Live webinars with automated reminders, audience Q&A and polls ensure your attendees are engaged and learning.


Real-time chat, persistent discussion forums and integrated 1:1 video calls enable that hallway track that builds real relationships.

Live Streaming

Sponsor Revenue

Exhibitors can get the same visibility, or more, from Pathable's virtual tradeshow and other built-in sponsor opportunities.


Built-in gamification, plus meaningful networking and education opportunities mean your attendees will show up, and stick around.

Sponsor and Exhibitor Value

Custom landing pages for exhibitors and sponsors create a year-round, virtual tradeshow. Exhibitors can manage their own logo, description, video, collateral, staff profiles and more. A searchable keyword index helps attendees find the exhibitors and sponsors who are relevant to them.

  • Virtual tradeshow: Exhibitors and sponsors can customize their landing pages with their logo, description, tags, and even upload their own handouts and materials for delegate download.
  • Online lead retrieval: Delegates can easily “request information” from exhibiting companies, sharing their contact information similar to having their badge scanned at a live event.
  • In-person and Virtual Value: Hosting a hybrid event? Offer your sponsors exposure wherever your attendees are. Create custom sponsorship tiers through digital sponsorship offerings that attendees will see both in-person and virtually.

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