AV Live

Video link solution and services

Live Surgeries

Connecting surgeons and other experts around the world from the operating theatre to the conference or training site with high quality video and state-of-the-art technology – facilitating direct engagement with the surgeon, excellent video and highly reliable transmission.


For many years, staff in ATiT have been involved with the production and transmission of live surgery in various medical fields and using different technologies. This type of event is increasingly used in the continuing professional development of surgeons and other expert medical staff enabling them to watch and interact live with surgeons demonstrating new approaches, techniques, practices or procedures.

Depending on the location, the type of content to be shown and the quality required, we provide a customised design and delivery service that best suits your location, needs and budget. Working closely with medical staff and organisers of large conferences, training workshops or small scale presentations and events, our specialised staff and production crew can organise and manage all that is required from capturing what is happening in the operating theatre through to display and real-time interaction with the audience. We use a variety of different transmission technologies allowing for different display quality from compressed video at various bandwidth through to full High Definition, 3d and 4K.

We work across borders connecting operating theatres in several countries with wherever the audience is located. Since 2010 for example we have organised live surgeries connecting up surgeons in 14 different countries in Europe, namely Germany, Belgium, Greece, Austria, France, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Portugal and Finland

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