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AV Live’s sports production solutions provide everything that teams, leagues, schools, and broadcasters need for complete on-air, live streaming, and in-venue sports production at any level, while meeting network standards for powerhouse visuals and real-time performance.

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  • Produce a world-class fan experience. Dedicated replay with scores of built-in capabilities like dramatic slow motion and visual effects previously accessible only by top-tier networks.
  • Capture the action—anywhere. The right sized integrated production system can go wherever the game happens, without sacrificing capabilities.
  • Monetize multi-branded programs. Feed fan frenzies on nearly any device. Customize multiple outputs for any network ID or sponsor brand.
  • Smash price-performance barriers. A single multi-camera video production system incorporates every part of the production workflow at a game-changing price.
  • Connect any source, anywhere. Design your sports productions based on the best, most exciting programs for your fans, not cabling or facility restrictions.
Instant Multi-Camera Replay
Allow your fans to relive the biggest plays of the game—from every vantage point with built-in instant and slow motion replay from every angle and speed at your fingertips.
Mobile Production
Keep up with constant relocation out in the field, or be ready to pick up a new game at a moment’s notice with no-compromise portable turnkey solutions.
In-Game Highlights
Maintain an explosive in-game energy with ready-made highlight reels available at a moment’s notice.
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