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Production of professional quality video material based on the client’s requirements and available budget taking advantage of the latest production techniques and practices, specialised in pedagogically sound training videos and integrated services including video-on-demand.PP
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AV Live has its roots in video production and this shows when it comes to the production of video for clients. Since the company was set up we have been involved in producing video based training materials and in recent years this has extended to include the production of promotional and dissemination video clips and materials. From inception through to delivery, we work with the client to make sure the main purpose and objective of the video production is kept firmly in sight,  taking care to match the audience expectations with the final product and keeping a strict eye on the budget and time-frame.

Much of our video work is related to education. Take for example the series of classroom recordings made for the SAILS project showing how science teachers are implementing in practical ways inquiry based learning with secondary school pupils.

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