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Visual Collaboration for Healthcare

Addressing Challenges in Healthcare with New Technologies

Below are specific challenges in healthcare that can now be overcome with new technologies:

Collaboration solves some of the biggest challenges for healthcare administrators. It improves staff communication, drives greater clinician retention by reducing travel and improving work/life balance, enables more productive meetings with simple one-click to join features, and provides more effective corporate training. Employees can participate no matter where they are located. This eliminates many of the stresses administrators experience to ensure their busy staff has maintained their required professional certifications.

Medical Education
Medical students and providers are strapped for time. Clearing schedules and scheduling the calendar for continuing medical education (CME) is challenging. With video conferencing, doctors have convenient access to the training they need. It is no longer limited by a time or place. Instead, using video conferencing students and doctors can receive the instruction they need without traveling. Also, with live streaming or recorded video they can access training anytime, anywhere. This ability to time-shift learning, providing instruction when and where learners seek it, offers tremendous improvements in medical education.

Education also extends to the community. Now, the latest findings for preventive care can be easily shared with the public. For example, seniors can view a wellness program at a local facility or even from within their homes.

Whether it’s a demonstration of the latest techniques in a specialized surgical suite, a lecture from a leading medical professional, or an outreach community program, the content can be recorded, archived, and streamed for convenient access to anytime learning.