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Workshop and Traiings

Organising tailor-made training courses to help teachers and trainers improve their skills in using different types of digital tools ranging from creating your own video resources, becoming a citizen journalist, capturing classroom practice to using learning analytics to improve your teaching and capturing video for your MOOC.


Training is at the heart of much of what we do in ATiT. We specialise in short practical courses for small groups ranging from half a day to a week with a strong emphasis on hands-on training and skills development. Much of our training experience has come from working with clients and partners in projects to integrate new tools and services, many of them video-based.

We regularly organise training courses which you can sign up to join and have participated in several European Commission funded training offers where participants can apply for European Commission funding to take part in one of our courses. We also organise bespoke courses on demand for clients and projects partners which usually take place in the clients’ premises.

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Offered training topics

  • Creating your own video resources to support your teaching
  • Using social media to support teaching and learning
  • Evaluation of multi-partner, cross-border European projects in the learning sector
  • Use of learning analytics to support your teaching
  • Citizen journalism and mobile journalism
  • Creating effective video-based resources for your MOOC
  • Dissemination and promotion of multi-partner, cross-border European projects in the learning sector
  • Capturing classroom practice on video