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Turn a PC into an easy browser managed video wall server

Many organizations seeking high performance video walls turn to proprietary video wall controllers or video wall servers. All too often the results are disappointing: a high price tag for a complicated solution that is all too often difficult to manage and in the end isn’t able to grow with the customer’s and needs.

Our Solution is different.

AV Live provides a software solution combined with that turns a standard off-the-shelf PC into a high-end video wall controller with great performance and unparalleled flexibility. Unlike competitors, this approach allows customers to easily upgrade and expand the solution in the future.

Up to 100 Video Wall Displays and Up to 8k Content on a Single Upgradable PC Based Video Wall Solution

  • Software installs on an off the shelf PC and transforms that PC into a browser-managed video wall server.
  • Customers don’t need to worry about the number of outputs as all content is delivered over the local area network. A standard Core i7 PC can support up to 40 displays on a single video wall or can mix video walls with stand alone single displays. A high end PC can support up to 100 displays on a single video wall.
  • The PC can be augmented with HDMI capture cards for multiple inputs. Userful supports use of multiple HDMI capture cards (single headed 4k cards or multi headed 1080p cards).
  • In addition it supports many locally installed content sources from multiple locally integrated content management systems to a local video player, full screen browser or even an interactive desktop.
  • It supports multiple preset zones on video walls allowing simultaneous content on different sections of a video wall.
  • Unlike many traditional video wall controllers, Userful comes with a browser based GUI accessible from any device allowing customers to manage the entire solution through a browser.
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