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TANDBERG Quick Set C20

TANDBERG offered video endpoints that fit different life and workstyles. From telepresence for the senior executive to a video IP phone for a frontline employee, TANDBERG had the broadest range of solutions in the industry. As important, TANDBERG firmly believed in a standards-based approach.

TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco in April of 2010. All TANDBERG products and solutions are now part of the Cisco Collaboration Portfolio

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Simple Deployment. Superior Quality. Outstanding Value.

A Complete 1080P HD Video Conferencing System

Transform any meeting space into a video communications hub. The TANDBERG Quick Set C20 delivers the absolute quality of 1080p video in a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-manage and easy-to-use system. Whether you’re just getting started with video communications or conducting a large scale deployment, the Quick Set C20 delivers the performance you would expect from a larger system — in a compact, feature-rich package.

In today’s global economy, even the smallest business needs to stay connected with customers, partners and vendors, no matter where they are located. Whether you are a small to medium business (SMB) or a large enterprise just getting started with video, the right video collaboration can help transform your business, reduce expenses and accelerate decision making. Through a unique combination of 1080p video, simple design and price-to-performance value, the TANDBERG Quick Set C20 is uniquely positioned to help SMBs deploy a first time video solution, as well as help the enterprise scale an existing video conferencing solution throughout the entire organization. To be able to deliver this level of value, a video system must meet three key criteria:

The TANDBERG Quick Set C20 includes the Codec C20, PrecisionHD 1080p 4x or 12x camera, Performance Mic 20, remote control and cables.

  • Easy to administer and use
  • Absolute 1080p quality video experience
  • Maximum return on investment


TANDBERG Quick Set C20 Design Features

  • Transforms a flat panel display into a 1080p high- definition meeting space
  • Simple intuitive connections make set up as easy as connecting a DVD player
  • Quick Set C20 provides up to 1080p30 resolution with a 4x zoom camera
  • Quick Set C20Plus provides up to 1080p30 and 720p60 resolution with a 12x zoom camera
    • Standards-compliant 1080p solution — compatible with standards-based video without loss of features
    • Sleek compact design
  • TANDBERG Quick Set C20 Application Features

    • Share multimedia and presentations at the touch of a button
    • Basic API available over IP (Telnet or SSH)
    • Dual display option available
    • HD content sharing with 720p30 and WXGA
    • Front and rear views,

      TANDBERG Quick Set C20 Performance Features

      • Full duplex, high-quality audio with high-quality stereo sound
      • Optimal definition up to 1080p30
      • H.323/SIP up to 6 Mbps
      • Takes advantage of the TANDBERG Total Solution for Management, HD MultiSite™ including Multiway, recording and streaming and firewall traversal service

      The TANDBERG C20 is a high definition, room-based video collaboration system that delivers on all counts. Simple in design but rich in features, the C20 provides the quality video experience that can help any business grow, without draining the budget.

      HD Video Conferencing in Five Easy Steps. It’s That Simple.

      In any organization, a video collaboration solution must be easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use, especially within the small and medium business where dedicated IT resources are not always available. The C20 embodies this philosophy. Installation is a simple 5-step process that makes deploying a new system as simple as connecting a DVD player. Management through the TANDBERG Management System (TMS) streamlines the user experience, making video a natural extension of the communications network. With a robust set of tools for scheduling, booking and end-user maintenance, the C20 will grow with you as your need for additional video rooms expands.

      Absolute HD Video Conferencing Quality

      TANDBERG 1080p. It is the gold standard in high-definition video communications, but what does it really mean to business results? To be effective, video communications must be as natural and as clear as possible — the higher the quality, the more compelling video becomes. The C20 packs a rich user experience into a compact room-based solution. With options for 1080p30 or 720p60 resolution, the C20 ensures a user experience that clearly communicates the subtle facial expressions and body language that go unnoticed with lower-resolution systems. The C20 also offers high-resolution collaboration with WXGA and full duplex stereo sound to complete the video collaboration experience. The bottom line to your business is a level of clarity between you, your customers, partners and vendors that far surpasses audio-only communication.

      TANDBERG HD Video Conferencing: Redefining Value

      Consider that the cost of a single C20 system is less than one international business trip. Factor in the time wasted in transit and limited productivity, as well as the other intangible costs of travel, and now a C20 system makes even more fiscal sense. The value of C20 extends well beyond what can be measured in a P&L statement. Organizations that adopt video consistently report a renewed sense of team unity, a more productive environment, greater access to expertise and clearer lines of communication. Value is not just about cost — it’s about getting the most for your money and protecting your investment. With a simple design, intuitive interface and 1080p HD quality, the C20 packs many of the features of more expensive systems into a single package. Never before have the benefits of 1080p HD video collaboration been so accessible.

      Simplicity + Quality + Value = Maximum ROI

      The TANDBERG Quick Set C20 is a video collaboration package that can be deployed in minutes and provide financial return for years. A simple yet robust tool that provides optimal video quality at a competitive price, the only people who will love it more than your staff are your accountants.

      TANDBERG Quick Set C20 HD Video Conferencing System is Available in Two Configurations

      TANDBERG Quick Set C20

      • 4x zoom camera with option* for 1080p30 resolution
      • Codec C20
      • TRC 5 Remote Control
      • TANDBERG Performance Mic 20 Microphone

      TANDBERG Quick Set C20plus

      • 12x zoom camera with option* for 1080p30 and 720p60 resolution
      • Codec C20
      • TRC 5 Remote Control
      • TANDBERG Performance Mic 20 Microphone

      * Base unit includes NPP and supports resolution up to 720p30.

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