voice and visual communication solutions also promote faster decision making since participants can easily hear and see whether team members understand and are aligned—and when they are not. When open discussions are promoted by Polycom solutions, decisions can be quickly reached and meetings become more productive.



Accelerating the Pace of Business Cisco TelePresence Give your employees business-quality, intuitive video conferencing with Cisco TelePresence Server. It works with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, desktop to fully immersive telepresence solution.





Grandstream Networks is a manufacturer of IP voice & video, video surveillance as well as Gateways & ATAs.

Grandstream serves the SMB and consumer markets with open standard SIP-based products, No extra cost for Multisite,, Skype or Web Conference bridging.


Skype, Hangout, SIP/H323

Grand Stream sets your conference room a free. You can Call any webconference services, Skype or standard base SIP and H323 protocols from single solution.

A video conferencing solution for an organization looking to use powerful meeting and collaboration features through a versatile and flexible system. The GVC3200 is a powerful addition to any communications network. Increase meeting collaboration by engaging face-to-face, regardless of location.

skype for Business

Polycom and Microsoft have worked together for over a decade to create leading edge collaboration solutions, a partnership that ensures Polycom solutions will work seamlessly with your

Microsoft environment. Polycom is the only Microsoft partner that provides direct integration with over 30 voice, video, and content solutions that integrate with Office 365, Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, SharePoint and Exchange.

Video Conferencing Services

Conference Event Services, you  We draw on our 8 plus years of conferencing experience to create the high-quality event you need for your important meeting.AV Live’s Video Event Services are Perfect For:    Corporate town hall meetings    Executive briefings    New product launches    Distance learning    Corporate announcements    Investor relations

Ensure success and maximize the return on your investment in Video Collaboration solutions with Polycom video conferencing services. Our experts can help address critical gaps you may have in related experience and expertise, resulting in enhanced end user and customer satisfaction, higher productivity and increased user adoption rates. We partner with you to design, deploy, support, optimize and manage a solution that delivers a superior experience in every workspace with an easy to use and consistent workflow.

When you use Polycom or partner services, you can:

  • Strategize on how best to prepare your environment for new technology
  • Reduce risks and minimize impact to your production environment
  • Get the best, most appropriate product and solutions support available
  • Augment your internal resources with expert technical consultants and operations assistance

More Info

Video Conference Events

Video Conferencing Solutions

Help your people collaborate from anywhere. Our video conferencing solutions help you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales and product development to doctor-patient consultations and teacher-student sessions.

Polycom RealConnect Overview

Polycom RealConnect — The ONLY certified video interoperability solution for Office 365 and Skype for Business. Polycom RealConnect is the first technology that solves the age-old dilemma of making different multiple videoconferencing technologies work together. RealConnect allows devices such as Polycom and Cisco video endpoints to join a Skype for Business meeting.

Polycom RealConnect is integrated into the Skype meeting workflow making it easy and intuitive to schedule a video interop call. Skype and non-Skype users join the same video call with one click and enjoy their natural video and content layouts.

Available for both Skype for Business online as part of Office 365 and Skype for Business on-premises and hybrid environments, Polycom RealConnect leverages the industry-leading Polycom unified conferencing technologies to bring together Skype for Business users and other video conferencing systems.


Give your teams the space and tools they need to collaborate more effectively. Provide rooms equipped with HD video conferencing systems and HD content sharing.

Harness your global expertise and reduce operating expenses by equipping your rooms with high-quality video collaboration and content sharing. Our solutions are optimized for modern workspaces – huddle rooms, open workspaces and conference rooms.


Your workforce is among the 1.5B mobile workers around the globe. With on-the-go meetings becoming the new norm, they expect instant connectivity, and access to content wherever they work.



A remote workforce needs:

  • User friendly tools
  • High quality audio, content and video
  • Seamless experience across any device

IT teams need a technology partner who can offer:

  • Secure connectivity
  • Ease of use, deployment, operation, and management
  • Interoperable solutions

IT/Administrator Benefits:

  • Protect existing video investments – Bring existing standards-based video systems into Skype for Business meetings
  • Flexible deployment options – Polycom RealConnect is available for Skype for Business on-premises, hybrid and Office 365 cloud deployments
  • Best end-to-end video interoperability solution centered around Skype for Business.

User Benefits:

  • Simple meeting workflow and natural Skype online meeting experience
  • Easy scheduling – leverage Skype for Business scheduling workflow in
  • Click-to-join functionality – Single click-to-join for both Skype for Business clients and Polycom and Cisco endpoints or easy dial strings
  • Familiar meeting experience – Skype meeting layout including participant roster, content and video sharing, and panoramic video strip.
  • Content sharing – bi-directional content sharing