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Video Conferencing for Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing these days are more international than ever. From the preliminary perspective of the developer to the factory-floor, often situated on the other side of the world, complicated venture control software choices are needed and constant travel among sites cannot be validated. The co-ordination of several element providers need the greatest interaction to reduce the threats of wait and perform a program of work on a time-critical foundation.

Video conferencing solution eases the venture groups and experts to interact with one another more often and at a cheaper, reducing development times and reducing time-to-market. Monetary benefits, reduced ecological impact and higher worker storage are just a few of the many benefits that occur from applying video conferencing in the manufacturing industries.

To gain the instant competitive advantage, immediate streamlining of the processes are important in the manufacturing industry. The Video conferencing solution simplifies the manufacturing industry in making their workforce to have face to face interactions among themselves regardless of the geographical boundaries. These communications can be executed in any kind of environment says it: in on the go, Factory floor, immersive theater or conference room, in a R&D lab. The on-demand collaboration among the various departments, let the manufacturing industry in streamlining the design and production processes.

The video collaboration technology increases the operational efficiency in the manufacturing industry by reducing the downtime, enhancing the quality, rapid troubleshooting and effective employee training. The technology also serves the manufacturers in recognizing, diagnosing and control the disruptive circumstances. This technology also accelerates the most important phase in the manufacturing i.e., design and development.


The product development in manufacturing companies involves a lot of phases, during the time of product development there are many skilled persons involved in that. After the commencement of each phase, the next set of engineers needs detailed information about the proceeding phase. In order to do this they have interacted with each other, video conferencing is the best ever solution for the engineers to survey the status of the product development phase. This scenario will help the manufacturing industry in minimizing the misconceptions regarding the product.

Apart from product development, supply chain management (SCM) is at a significant operational functionality, in the manufacturing industries. SCM is comprised of n number of suppliers and vendors at various locations, it is important for the firms have better co-ordination among all its supply chain, so that the supply and demand for the products are compatible. Through the video collaboration technology, the supply chain manager of the firm can effectively manage all its supply chains.

Finally it can be justified that the video conferencing in manufacturing industry serves to be beneficiary interns of effective supply chain, enhanced productivity, Just in time delivery and minimized time for product development.

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